Laptop to TV HDMI

Laptop to TV HDMI
December 4, 2017 admin
Laptop to TV HDMI connection

As the world of computers continues to advance, laptops are increasingly becoming popular among most households with most people using them for work and recreation purposes. However, most people find themselves in a situation where they need to use their laptops but at the same time require a bigger screen or better sound system. This has given rise to various ways of connecting a laptop to a TV screen making your TV a big screen. There are three main ways in which one can connect to a laptop to a TV screen namely; HDMI laptop TV connection, using a VGA cable for old versioned laptops, and wireless connectivity. Of the above three methods, the HDMI option is the best because it delivers high-quality pictures and sound and it is compatible with most devices.


HDMI is a short form of high definition multimedia interface, and it is a technology that enables a user to connect a spectrum receiver with an HDTV source. There are numerous advantages of using HDMI to connect to your laptop. To start with, HDMI has the capacity to carry audio and visual signals meaning that you do not need additional cables for audio input. In addition, HDMI cable supports different types of connection using very few cables. This simplifies the connection process and makes it easy for people with a limited technical background to use the service. Finally, one can use a special HDMI adapter to convert the connection to DVI providing the user with additional options for connecting. How to connect a laptop to a TV screen using HDMI

To connect a laptop to a TV screen, you need to follow this procedure. To start with you need to have a laptop that has an HDMI port. an HDMI cable, and a High Definition TV screen (HDTV) that has HDMI port. Generally, there are two types of HDMI cables and their features are designed to suit their purported use. To start there is a thick HDMI cable that normally comes with most HDTV screens and there is a slim one that in most cases is unidirectional and requires right orientation for it to work effectively.

The first step is to plug the HDMI cable in both devices (HDTV & Laptop). When plugging the HDMI cable, it is important to pay attention to the labels. You should indicate the in1put you want to use when you switch on the screen. Once you have the HDMI cable connected to the laptop and to the screen, use the input button on your remote or the physical button in your TV to select the matching input. If you are using a windows machine, you will need to power on the laptop so that it can send a signal to the screen. To command the computer to send a signal to the HDMI cable, you will then need to go to control panel, search for “Adjust screen resolution”. In that window, you will see there are two types of display, but only one is active. To activate HDMI click on the disabled screen and choose the option “Extend the desktop onto this monitor” then click the apply button. The action should send the TV screen into action displaying whatever is on your laptop screen. If it does not show the display, repeat the process again.


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