HDMI to RCA Cable

HDMI to RCA Cable
December 4, 2017 admin
HDMI to RCA cable

Product Description

HDMI to RCA cable is the technology which harmonizes analog and digital signals. HDMI carries digital signals while RCA caries analog-digital. It is designed to connect and transmit (NOT TRANSFORM) signals from HDMI port to RCA port. For these two schemes of a signal to connect with each other, input and output gadgets require supporting the signal transformation function. It is necessary to check your user manual. Suppose both input and output devices doesn’t support signal transformation, the signal converter box is needed (sold separately). Please ensure both input/output gadgets are turned off when removing or plugging in the HDMI to RCA cables. The cable provides the best signal transmission rate.

Features of HDMI to RCA cable

  • Has a toughen quad-layer intertwine shield and Mylar-foil covering that provides maximum protection in case of RF and EM intercession.
  • It is designed to meet all the HDMI standards by having molded-strain relief lessen socket pressure.
  • It supports almost all resolutions including 480i, 480p, 720p, 1 080i, 1 080p.
  • Has connectors which enable highest signal transfer and resistance to corrosion.
  • Wide gauge PVC jackets which provide a good shielding power against extreme temperature.
  • Has strong resistance to wear and tear due to the shielding strength of its casing.

Pros of HDMI to RCA cable

  • It enables you to connect to analog signal devices to digital signal devices (Example is the connection of the old T.V and Blu-ray player).
  • It is used in almost all devices that have HDMI port (Laptops, DVDs, and Home theater systems)
  • It is easy to connect using HDMI to RCA cable. You only need to match the colors in the RCA connector to that of RCA ports.
  • The cable is cheap and affordable as compared to other cables.
  • The cable is durable and long lasting mainly because of its design features.
  • It is readily available in the market with a different color.

Cons of HDMI to RCA cable

  • If your device is unable to convert signals automatically, then you will be required to connect your output device to a signal conversion box using the HDMI to RCA cable.
  • Not all devices can perform the conversion of analog to a digital signal as some are not compatible.
  • A user will require buying a converter box to enable signal conversion.


This technology has brought relief to many people. It has enabled a great connection between the old and the new technology to work together. You never are required to dispose of your old TVs, as they can still play an important role in your home in present of HDMI to RCA cable. It is worth noting that not all HDMI to RCA cables are genuine. You should always ascertain the legitimacy of the electronic store selling the product. It is not a priority that all devices will be converted between HDMI and RCA signal. Therefore it is fundamental to consult the manuals to understand its functionality and conversion capability. This cable can be used at home or in transmission of signal graphic to the extended screen but from analog signals. Acquire genuine products at all times.


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