Actiontec SBWD100KIT01 Wireless HDMI

Actiontec SBWD100KIT01 Wireless HDMI
December 3, 2017 admin
Actiontec SBWD100KIT01 Wireless HDMI

Action tee SBWD 1OOKIT01 Wireless HDMI overview

Action tee SBWD 1OOKIT01 Wireless HDMI wireless display kit has the Screen Beam wireless display receiver, The USB screen Beam transmitter, the screen beam software CD, efficient power supply and lofty-speed HDMI wire. The Kit enables one to wirelessly mirror both audio and video contents from chosen laptops, PCS, Smartphones. Tablets or other handsets devices on the HDMI-endowed HDTV or High Definition (HD) projector.

The screen Beam system supports many varied mirroring modes. Foremost, the USB transmitters lets one to emit up720p High Definition (HD) video from opted windows7/8 laptops and Pc to once HDTV. You can also transfer audio or video straightforwardly from a reconcilable device to your HDTV. HD projector or other outer display bearing HDMI input

The screen Beam wireless display receivers WiDi reconcilability allows wireless emission of up to 1 080p full HD video and encircle sound audio from chosen Intel Widi 3.5 and greater-endowed laptops or PCs.

This tells us that, one can find easily many different internet-connected tools to browse in the web, to stream video on YouTube, watch live TV coverage and movies from any entertainment application-right directly at your home. For more advantage, it supports both Intel Core processor and AMD policies. It is also more reliable because it does not need a Wi-Fi router. The Screen Beam is portable as you can easily carry it anywhere you want at your pleasure.

Features of Actiontec SBWD 1OOKIT01 Wireless HDMI

  • Duplicate your reconcilable device screen on HDTV or Projector wirelessly.
  • Complements HDTV with the inputs of HDMI.
  • Works considerable well with Operating system such as windows7/8 laptops, Pes. or tablets
  • It does not need initial Wi-Fi router
  • The setup is easy and simple.
  • Has an extension capability from your PCs, Laptops or tablets to
  • HDTV that works from the main Desktop.

Benefits of Actiontec SBWD 1OOKIT01 Wireless HDMI

  • Screen Beam wireless Display Kit aid AMD and Intel Core processor.
  • This Kit works in the absence of WI-FI router
  • The screen Beam makes a committed wireless network for good audio and video standard

It has a potential to relay video of FULL HD 1 080p and capable of surrounding audio directly without any interference from wireless connection using smartphones. tablets or other handsets devices to the HDTV you have.

  • One can share live videos or photos using the Kit
  • The Kit comes with everything in it. Thus the configuration is easy and simple.
  • The kit is portable. You can have it anywhere you want with no limitation
  • The Kit has an advantage in that you can extend your video to an HDTV while you work on another task on your desktop
  • The added USB transmitter can be used to relay up to 720p HD display video and audio from chosen windows 8/7 and Pes directly to your HDTV


To sum up all this, Actiontec SBWD 1OOKIT01 Wireless HDMI is the best modern technology device that gives the best results of all the time. Therefore. I recommend that you go for this product without doubt or hesitation. It is a technology that does brings everything home.Be a believer in real change, and you will never go wrong.



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