A Simple Review of HDMI Jakaja

A Simple Review of HDMI Jakaja
December 4, 2017 admin
A Simple Review of HDMI Jakaja

Everyone who is familiar with the computer world must know terms like ‘USB’, ‘Bluetooth’, data cable, and so forth. But many people (even for those who are familiar with the computer world) do not know anything about HDMI. HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface, and this term refers to a standard for high-quality audio-visual devices. HDMI works to simplify the inter-device connection between PC, Video Game Console, Blue-ray Disc Player, even digital television … all in one cable! Many formats can be supported by HDMI technology, from the simplest to the highest quality like HD Video. Most current laptops and TVs support this function, marked with an HDMI port symbol on the side. High-quality HDMI is determined by how it works using a digital system instead of using an analog system so that signal compression (which often results in a decrease in output quality) is not required.

HDMI Splitter

HDMI can’t function optimally if it is not combined with HDMI Splitter. This is a tool for dividing (multiplying) output from HDMI devices. One simple example is the viewing of the DVD I Blue-ray I DVB Receiver on four LCD TVs. In this case, the output of the device is propagated to 4 from the beginning 1. It must be realized that this device works with one peripheral device although, in one cycle, there is more than one device involved. This means you have to make sure only one active peripheral device otherwise you will experience a decrease in the quality of the received signal.

HDMI Jakaja

It is a well-known HDMI device from Finland, a country with a high reputation in the field of electronic devices production. These devices can be “grafted” into electronic devices that do not have enough HDMI ports. Jakaja devices can connect to three HDMI terminals at the same time, can even operate on two or three different types of devices, for example between XBOX and DVD Players. Full HD Support is provided by this device, ranging from 480p resolution, 3D, DTS HD, to the highest quality, Full HD. Each purchase comes with a power supply.

Pros of HDMI Jakaja

This device can reduce the number of cables required to connect several separate devices to the main device in this case TV. Up to three separate devices, you can connect everything to One For All Splitter. Its greatness lies in its application to reduce the risk of overlap between image and sound. Suppose if you connect your digibox and PS3 to the splitter then you can play (on your PS3 device) while recording with a set-top box, everything can be done simultaneously. You also get the flexibility to use the remote control, and this is useful for selecting any other AV output you want.

Cons of HDMI Jakaja

The disadvantage that is quite disturbing on this device lies in the decrease in output quality when the user connects BD Player with TV or BD Player to other receivers. In this situation, the user will experience a decrease in output quality from Full HD to Dolby Digital. In such situations, the HDMI switcher is because the device is designed to display more than one source (input) to one receiver (view).


Pros and Cons of each product will not be completely avoided. All depends on your needs and expectations as a user. If you want to combine recording activities with play activities on one view, a splitter may not be the best choice, but if you need just one input to split into multiple outputs, HDMI Jakaja is a great choice.


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